I am not easily drawn into a series, but Lucifer got me. The plot is a really good mix of easy watching crime solving material and the main story of the fallen angel lucifer who came to earth for vacation. This plot around Lucifer, his brother angle Amenadiel, his police partner Chloe, his therapist Linda and his daemon Mazikeen is gripping and keeps you watching.

The writers behind the story are really great. They manage to keep the story interesting as well as entertaining. Great work and I’ll keep tracking their work.

The story is a cool mix of really biblical characters and comic book add-on material. Mazikeen and Amenadiel are comic book characters, but some of the story elements are biblical.  

Tom Ellis makes a really a great Lucifer Morningstar. He plays perfect playboy without any boundaries as well as the evil devil and the charming friend. There could have been no better cast for this character. Lauren German really fits into the roll of a cop and plays her part well. Tricia Helfer in her part as Lucifer’s mum is brilliant. She really shows what the character needs. Mother love and divine reluctance towards humans. Scarlett Estevez is adorable as Chloe’s daughter and plays her part well. Rachel Harris does a wonderful job in playing Lucifers therapist and I really think, even though it is probably wrong, that this is how therapy works. Tom Welling, is a main character in one season as “Kain” and I love the way he can change between good and evil.

I love that the plot shows that there is never a clear good and bad in live… and here also not in all the divine ceartures…

For me this is a 8 out of 10 stars rating.

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