Christmas Markets 10/12/2018

Christmas Market Bonn

It is time again in Germany to go on Christmas markets. For any normal German adult thereare the ways to go to a Christmas market.

Version one which is for the family type of person. You go with your family and if youhappen to have a very small child you squeeze yourself through the crowds with yourbuggy. Best you leave the buggy at home and carry your child. If you happen tohave children in kindergarten or early school years with you the you are inconstant stress of being asked for things like.. “Can I get some candy”… “Canwe have a ride on the carrousel”. When you want to enjoy the Christmas market andhave a drink, they try to get you moving as soon as possible.

Version two is the one where you go in a group of adults and look at the stuff sold there. Manly you will look at Christmas stuff like Christmas-Tree decorations andother decorative stuff. Sometime you end up asking yourself “Why the hell did Iby the thing?”. After having bought some of these things you head for the nextfood booth and get in 80% of times a sausage in a roll. After having eaten thatyou have to have one of these “Glühwein” drinks. Basically, cheap hot wine. Ifyou are on a good Christmas market you even get good hot wine which is red, butsometimes you even get white wine which is often the better choice.

The third version is what you do in your young ages or with colleagues from work or aclub. You forget about all the stuff to by and head directly to the glühweinbooth and drink a lot. But be carefully the wine is hard to digest on the longrun and you might not feel too well after your fifth one. By that time, you areprobably drunk already. The professionals move to a beer after glühwein numbertwo in order to avoid the bad feeling in the stomach. But to be honest it is something that simplybelongs to German winter tradition and you have to see it. It is good fun! Youcan go to probably all of them in Germany. They are all nice. Famous ones arethe ones in Nürnberg or Dresden.

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