Brexit is hard to understand… 19.12.2018

The whole text I am posting today is my very personal opinion and I have no intent to change anyone’s opinion.

Yes, the world might feel scary at the moment to many people in the western world. Nothing is as it used to be.  Empires rise and fall. Technologies evolve and we will not stop them from growing stronger. Many people who voted for the Brexit or who search for easy answers to our global challenges are scared of the future. The solution seems to stick to the old ways where life was good and easier. People hate change and so do I sometimes.

Maybe some people want the powerful British Empire back, the Trump supports want the mighty USA back. The good old times where these Nations mattered and had a say in the world. We also have people who want the “good old times” in Germany back. Some want the times where Germany was a not such a diverse society and some even want the times of pre-World War II back (without knowing what that means).

The worldis changing and that might scare a lot of people, but the way back to the good old times will only make us weaker. Britain did not get great by looking back, but by embracing change and using it for its own advantage. Technological progressand intelligent people for the outside pushed the country to a higher level. Every person who comes from outside the UK and makes the country better is an enrichment of British society.

Britain will be stronger in a big European Union.

The worldhas enough problems that it should address, like global warming, the global debtcrises that arises at the horizon, digitalization… Only united we can improve the world for us all and local egoisms will not help.

Some see China as a threat, but I see the normal person in every country and ultimately, we have all the same fears, all the same joys. We love our children and friends, we want to stay healthy and we want to live in prosperity (at least we want to have a good life without worries about money or food).

Why can’t we all work towards these universal goals. In the US this the founding fathers wanted that for all people. The pursuit of happiness. Not riches for the few but happiness for all. Freedom and a good life for all.

Brexit is not the way that leads us to a happy life for all. In the long run it will make Britain small not Great again. I have now right to give advice… I only hope you see a bit of truth in my words and thing about them. UK… I’d still love to haveyou in our union in Europe. I hope Prime Minister May will see that for herself and maybe even sacrifice her career for the good of the Great Britain.

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