14/08/18 At the end oft he day… a rainy day well used

After half of a day with rain we went to see a vine glass manufacturer in Kufstein. Partially because we needed some new classes for champagne, but also because one could look at the production process of handmade glasses.

Manufacturing site for hand made glasses

Unfortunately the company visit cost 11€ for a family, which I think is a lot for something that is basically advertising for the company. 2,60€ are refunded if you buy something in the shop, but still I think it is a lot of money for looking at a partial advertising show.

Our two daughters were really interested in how wine glasses are hand made. It was really warm but my order daughter was even thinking of becoming a glassblower when she grows older.

Later in the shop I bought some whiskey glasses that were nice, but the wine glasses and the champagne glasses were simply too expensive, even the mechanically made ones. The company is simply a very clever in marketing. They make good glasses, no doubt, but they sell the feeling of having a brilliant glass for each different wine. Well I’ll stick to my wine glasses and remember to use the glasses better depending on what wine I drink.

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