10/08/18 At the end of the day… it was just a trip to Kufstein

City hall Kufstein

It was the first day in weeks with real rain. As we did not know what to do with the kids we decided to go to Kufstein with another family that we got to know just yesterday.

We went shopping there and wanted to see the fortress of Kufstein. When we reached the Fortress it looked really nice, but 25 EUR was too much for us, as we know how long our two daughters enjoy looking at a fortress. Not very long… I do not want to sound sexist,

Fortress Kufstein

but girls are just not as interested in fortresses and castles as boys. Personally I would have loved to take a look, but if one cannot enjoy it because of complaining girls that they are simply not interested… then I rather save the money.

Kufstein is rather small and a town tour is really quick. The town is nice, but as far as I could see, nothing for a long stay… But if some Kufsteiner can convince me otherwise I’ll take it back 🙂

Small street in Kufstein

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