08/08/18 At the end oft he day… it was a nice afternoon in a creek

Creek at Hinterwindau

As we wanted to get to know some people who also stayed in the hotel we decided to join a tour to a creek called „Hinterwindau“ near Westendorf.
The tour was really easy to do as one could drive via a private road (Toll charge 3 EUR) to a parking space that was really near to the spot where we did the barbecue with the other families.

The walk was nice, but boring for kids. It was a broad way a lot of traffic for Alpine conditions. My kids do not walk properly once the walkways are too broad.

The location were we had the barbecue was nice though. The kids could play in the mountain river and the hotel had brought some watercolours, so that the kids could paint the stones.
I did a children canyoning tour, which was basically climbing up stream the river. They had lots of fun.  The hotel staff did the barbecue and it was really good.

After some hours at the river we went back and we called it a day :-).

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