I am not easily drawn into a series, but Lucifer got me. The plot is a really good mix of easy watching crime solving material and the main story of the fallen angel lucifer who came to earth for vacation. This plot around Lucifer, his brother angle Amenadiel, his police partner Chloe, his therapist Linda and his daemon Mazikeen is gripping and keeps you watching.

The writers behind the story are really great. They manage to keep the story interesting as well as entertaining. Great work and I’ll keep tracking their work.

The story is a cool mix of really biblical characters and comic book add-on material. Mazikeen and Amenadiel are comic book characters, but some of the story elements are biblical.  

Tom Ellis makes a really a great Lucifer Morningstar. He plays perfect playboy without any boundaries as well as the evil devil and the charming friend. There could have been no better cast for this character. Lauren German really fits into the roll of a cop and plays her part well. Tricia Helfer in her part as Lucifer’s mum is brilliant. She really shows what the character needs. Mother love and divine reluctance towards humans. Scarlett Estevez is adorable as Chloe’s daughter and plays her part well. Rachel Harris does a wonderful job in playing Lucifers therapist and I really think, even though it is probably wrong, that this is how therapy works. Tom Welling, is a main character in one season as “Kain” and I love the way he can change between good and evil.

I love that the plot shows that there is never a clear good and bad in live… and here also not in all the divine ceartures…

For me this is a 8 out of 10 stars rating.

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At the end of the day… a nice day at Schloss Neuschwanstein 23.04.2019

It was early in the morning and we drove to Hohenschwangau, the small village underneath both castles (Hohen Schwangau and Schloss Neuschwanstein). We pre-booked our tickets so that we did not have to queue so long for the entrance.

Schloss Neuschwanstein from the Marienbrücke

From the ticket office to the castle you walk roughly 30 min up the hill. As all the tickets are for a special time slot, you have to be there in time.

Alternatively you can go uphill with a horse carriage that is probably not much faster on the way up. 

In the castle you get an audio guide and you go quite fast through the rooms. In my opinion there is not enough time to really appreciate the artwork that is presented there. Maybe for most people the amount of information given is enough, but if you are interested in the history of the castle, then it is probably not enough. 
The castle has never been finished as Ludwig II has intended. There is a small movie shown in the castle of the plans that he had for the entire building and it is a real shame that it has not been finished. Schloss Neuschwanstein remains an unfinished work. When you are in the caste the building looks as if it had been built just recently as all the stones look so new. 

Hohenschwangau from Neuschwanstein

For a really good view on the castle you can go to the Marienbrücke, which is around the corner of the castle (approx. 15 min walk). From there you can perfectly see the castle on the mountain top and take pictures. 

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Brexit is hard to understand… 19.12.2018

The whole text I am posting today is my very personal opinion and I have no intent to change anyone’s opinion.

Yes, the world might feel scary at the moment to many people in the western world. Nothing is as it used to be.  Empires rise and fall. Technologies evolve and we will not stop them from growing stronger. Many people who voted for the Brexit or who search for easy answers to our global challenges are scared of the future. The solution seems to stick to the old ways where life was good and easier. People hate change and so do I sometimes.

Maybe some people want the powerful British Empire back, the Trump supports want the mighty USA back. The good old times where these Nations mattered and had a say in the world. We also have people who want the “good old times” in Germany back. Some want the times where Germany was a not such a diverse society and some even want the times of pre-World War II back (without knowing what that means).

The worldis changing and that might scare a lot of people, but the way back to the good old times will only make us weaker. Britain did not get great by looking back, but by embracing change and using it for its own advantage. Technological progressand intelligent people for the outside pushed the country to a higher level. Every person who comes from outside the UK and makes the country better is an enrichment of British society.

Britain will be stronger in a big European Union.

The worldhas enough problems that it should address, like global warming, the global debtcrises that arises at the horizon, digitalization… Only united we can improve the world for us all and local egoisms will not help.

Some see China as a threat, but I see the normal person in every country and ultimately, we have all the same fears, all the same joys. We love our children and friends, we want to stay healthy and we want to live in prosperity (at least we want to have a good life without worries about money or food).

Why can’t we all work towards these universal goals. In the US this the founding fathers wanted that for all people. The pursuit of happiness. Not riches for the few but happiness for all. Freedom and a good life for all.

Brexit is not the way that leads us to a happy life for all. In the long run it will make Britain small not Great again. I have now right to give advice… I only hope you see a bit of truth in my words and thing about them. UK… I’d still love to haveyou in our union in Europe. I hope Prime Minister May will see that for herself and maybe even sacrifice her career for the good of the Great Britain.

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Christmas Markets 10/12/2018

Christmas Market Bonn

It is time again in Germany to go on Christmas markets. For any normal German adult thereare the ways to go to a Christmas market.

Version one which is for the family type of person. You go with your family and if youhappen to have a very small child you squeeze yourself through the crowds with yourbuggy. Best you leave the buggy at home and carry your child. If you happen tohave children in kindergarten or early school years with you the you are inconstant stress of being asked for things like.. “Can I get some candy”… “Canwe have a ride on the carrousel”. When you want to enjoy the Christmas market andhave a drink, they try to get you moving as soon as possible.

Version two is the one where you go in a group of adults and look at the stuff sold there. Manly you will look at Christmas stuff like Christmas-Tree decorations andother decorative stuff. Sometime you end up asking yourself “Why the hell did Iby the thing?”. After having bought some of these things you head for the nextfood booth and get in 80% of times a sausage in a roll. After having eaten thatyou have to have one of these “Glühwein” drinks. Basically, cheap hot wine. Ifyou are on a good Christmas market you even get good hot wine which is red, butsometimes you even get white wine which is often the better choice.

The third version is what you do in your young ages or with colleagues from work or aclub. You forget about all the stuff to by and head directly to the glühweinbooth and drink a lot. But be carefully the wine is hard to digest on the longrun and you might not feel too well after your fifth one. By that time, you areprobably drunk already. The professionals move to a beer after glühwein numbertwo in order to avoid the bad feeling in the stomach. But to be honest it is something that simplybelongs to German winter tradition and you have to see it. It is good fun! Youcan go to probably all of them in Germany. They are all nice. Famous ones arethe ones in Nürnberg or Dresden.

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14/08/18 At the end oft he day… a rainy day well used

After half of a day with rain we went to see a vine glass manufacturer in Kufstein. Partially because we needed some new classes for champagne, but also because one could look at the production process of handmade glasses.

Manufacturing site for hand made glasses

Unfortunately the company visit cost 11€ for a family, which I think is a lot for something that is basically advertising for the company. 2,60€ are refunded if you buy something in the shop, but still I think it is a lot of money for looking at a partial advertising show.

Our two daughters were really interested in how wine glasses are hand made. It was really warm but my order daughter was even thinking of becoming a glassblower when she grows older.

Later in the shop I bought some whiskey glasses that were nice, but the wine glasses and the champagne glasses were simply too expensive, even the mechanically made ones. The company is simply a very clever in marketing. They make good glasses, no doubt, but they sell the feeling of having a brilliant glass for each different wine. Well I’ll stick to my wine glasses and remember to use the glasses better depending on what wine I drink.

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13/08/18 At the end of the day… Ellmi’s Magical World was really nice

Lake in Ellmi’s Manila World

Still being a bit tired your kids were not in the mood to hike, but we as parents wanted at least some action, so we decide to go for a compromise. And this time it was Ellmi’s Magical World.

To get to the Ellmi’s Magical World (official page) you take the cable car from Elmau. For English speakers Ellmi’s offers all texts also in English, which is nice. The return ticket including the entry for Ellmi’s costs about 21€, which is quite some money for the attraction, but if you have the cable car pass like we have, then it is all included. So if you are on holidays with kids, then I strongly recommend the cable car pass here.

The Once you reach the mountain station you turn right to the shop where you get the collection pass. Basically the kids get a set of crayons and a booklet with the “magical ingredients” for the cake that Ellmi wants to bake for all the creatures in the Magical Kingdome. Ellmi by the way is a small boy who got

magically transformed into a frog.
To do the puzzle the kids need to find all the ingredients and colour them in the correct colours. All the ingredients are spread all across the area. The Magical Kingdome is full of playgrounds, climbing trails and other interesting things.

Playground in Ellmi's Magical World, which is part of the round trip and the panorama trail.

Playground in Ellmi’s Magical World

Once the collection card with all the ingredients is finalized one can return to the shop and every kid gets a small present.
We also went to the restaurant up there for lunch.

It is a nice restaurant with a goof view across the maintain scenery. The food was o.k. , but also quite expensive. The prices for the drinks were really expensive to my opinion. A “Coke” from a plastic bottle for 3,80€ and a 0,3l Soda for 3€ is a bit expensive I think.

The Playground around the mountain station has been

Playground with pirate ship on the round trip

done nicely with lots of things to do for the kids.  In roughly an hour one could also walk to the “Kaiserwelt” from this location.  So if you have kids that like hiking that could be a possibility.
Somehow Ellmau seems to be one of the hotspots in the region. When we came here there were quite a lot of tourists and tourist busses. The Ellmi’s Magical World was also filled with

“Listening ears” to hear the sound of the mountains

people. Other locations we visited this holiday were not so cowdred. Never the less it is very nicely done and the kids love it. Worth a visit.

P.s.: I have no relation to this tourist attraction.

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11/08/18 At the end of the day… The “Kaiserwelt” was a success

Today after a rather boring Kufsteintrip I wanted to head up the mountains again. How do you get your kids up the hill… yes… by promising them the best playground ever on the top (Kaiserwelt). A bit like motivation at work 🙂


From Scheffau the cable car goes up the mountain and you directly hit the playground. It took some convincing that a small hike would be a good idea before then going to the playground. Yeah it worked and we had a s
mall tour called the “Murmeltierrundgang”. No Mamots in sight but a lot of hiking stick equipped elderly hikers – by the way the next pest in the mountains after the “E-Mountainbikes”. It is really bad, because some years ago at least the people on the mountain bikes were trained people who knew what they were doing. Now everybody seems to manage to get up the mountains and they do not know what they are doing. Often also very unfriendly as they seem to think they own the trails. And in the valleys they block traffic.

Kaiserwelt cable car with my younger one

Well and the hiking stick fraction is basically the future because of the demographic change.

But to be fair, there were also families with kids around. Some of the kids walked like ours, and some kids preferred the hard and cantankerous way.

After an easy 3 km walk we came back to the playground, which was a real highlight for the kids. Mostly because of the cool cable cars that both the younger and the older one liked.

It was hard to convince them to go back home to the hotel…

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10/08/18 At the end of the day… it was just a trip to Kufstein

City hall Kufstein

It was the first day in weeks with real rain. As we did not know what to do with the kids we decided to go to Kufstein with another family that we got to know just yesterday.

We went shopping there and wanted to see the fortress of Kufstein. When we reached the Fortress it looked really nice, but 25 EUR was too much for us, as we know how long our two daughters enjoy looking at a fortress. Not very long… I do not want to sound sexist,

Fortress Kufstein

but girls are just not as interested in fortresses and castles as boys. Personally I would have loved to take a look, but if one cannot enjoy it because of complaining girls that they are simply not interested… then I rather save the money.

Kufstein is rather small and a town tour is really quick. The town is nice, but as far as I could see, nothing for a long stay… But if some Kufsteiner can convince me otherwise I’ll take it back 🙂

Small street in Kufstein

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09/08/18 At the end of the day… our kids loved the Filzalmsee

Way down hill “Hohe Salve”

Today the weather was pretty good and we wanted to do a hike with the kids. We went up the mountain with the cable car and hiked to the Filzalmsee.

The trip was supposed to take about two hours but the way was rather steep for our smaller one who simply did not like the trip. The trails were steep for a four year old who does not like hiking. Luckily there were a lot of cow on the trail and so she was also motivated to carry on.
After the first steep part it went on o.k. But due to the warm whether it was not so fast as we hoped. As


Cow at the “Hohe Salve”

all the cable cars stop operation at five p.m. and we were a bit worried that we would not make it back to the cable car we came up with.

We stopped at the Filzalm and had a really good “Kaiserschmarrn”, a local dish which is similar to pancakes, but much better.

The kids loved the playground up there and I can only recommend it. But if you do the tip with kids that do not like to walk the use the cable car coming from “Brixen im Tal”.

As the kids were already exhausted from the way to

Playground at the Filzalmsee

the Filzalmsee, only I went back to the “Hohe Salve” which was a nice more challenging trip for me and the kids and my wife went down hill with the other cable car form “Brixen im Tal”. Once I was back to Hofengarten I collected them by car.

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08/08/18 At the end oft he day… it was a nice afternoon in a creek

Creek at Hinterwindau

As we wanted to get to know some people who also stayed in the hotel we decided to join a tour to a creek called „Hinterwindau“ near Westendorf.
The tour was really easy to do as one could drive via a private road (Toll charge 3 EUR) to a parking space that was really near to the spot where we did the barbecue with the other families.

The walk was nice, but boring for kids. It was a broad way a lot of traffic for Alpine conditions. My kids do not walk properly once the walkways are too broad.

The location were we had the barbecue was nice though. The kids could play in the mountain river and the hotel had brought some watercolours, so that the kids could paint the stones.
I did a children canyoning tour, which was basically climbing up stream the river. They had lots of fun.  The hotel staff did the barbecue and it was really good.

After some hours at the river we went back and we called it a day :-).

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